Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paper Tax Returns

If you are due a tax return and you cannot use the on-line facility, please remember that 31st October is the last day that HMRC will accept paper returns for self-assessment.

This means that it will have to be on their doormat on that day; not the last day you can post them.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"My Accountant has already claimed capital allowances"

This is the common answer when I try to explain to commercial property owners about claiming Capital Allowances for the plant & machinery in their premises.

The answer I give to that is "Unless your accountant has asked a 'Tax Qualified' Quantity Surveyor to survey the entire property and create a report with supporting photographs in a format acceptable to HMRC, then it is highly unlikely that you are getting all the allowances you are entitled to.  And to compound the matter you may have been overpaying tax for some years.

It is a fact that only 4% of commercial property owners in the UK are getting all the allowances they are entitled to so why not get a specialist in now?

We are the Scottish representative for Portal Tax Claims who will do all that is necessary to get a possible tax repayment and extract the maximum amount of Capital Allowances for the future.

Contact us for more information:  info@bridgewells.com