Sunday, 3 March 2013


Now is the time to think about making full use of your ISA allowances before 6th April. This helps to preserve the real value of your income and capital. Here are some of the annual tax allowances available:

Remember, you can invest up to £5,640 in a cash ISA in this tax year, and the same amount in stocks and shares, or you can invest the full £11,280 allowance in stocks and shares alone. If you’ve got savings available and you still haven’t used your allowance this year, it’s worth sheltering them in an ISA as soon as possible. Once April 6 arrives, your 2012/2013 allowance will be lost forever.  So, use it or lose it!!!

You should bear in mind that the favourable tax treatment given to ISAs may not be maintained in the future, as they are subject to changes in legislation.

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